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August 26, 2011

Bubblegum Weekends 2

Skin:  Mons;  Alessa, limited edition (TDR Blue)
Hair:  Exile;  Georgina, frost (tinted hot pink)
Dress:  Sticky Fingers;  My Little Zebra  (Lazy Sunday)
Shoes:  Berries Inc.;  Belinda pumps  (Lazy Sunday)

I had a difficult time with this week’s picture.  Since I don’t own much “bubblegum” hair, I thought I’d take one of the white shades and tint it.  The color came out right, but once I turned on shadows, the hair ends got very messy looking.

I was so focused on how the hair looked that I neglected noticing that I had forgotten to put on my auto-focus hud for my eyes.  So my eyes were looking off in all sorts of strange directions in each one of the raw pictures I took.

(Disclaimer:  For the picture, I did a lot of editing on the dress around the waist seam and the prim piece for the skirt.)