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May 25, 2011


It seems Facebook is feeling froggy again and doing mass evictions of SLers’ profiles.  So what’s the social network of choice for avatars these days?  2nd Hub.

I abandoned the FB ship yesterday before they could close mine down and created my 2ndhub profile. (So There Facebook!)  You’ll find it here.

2ndhub is specifically geared for SecondLife avatars and has seen a huge influx of new accounts in the past two days due to FB’s douche-baggery.  You’ll find most of the same features, with the ability to “like” and create business pages and groups.  There are event listings, mail and even live chat.  I actually prefer the 2ndhub page layout to that of FB.

In addition, you “verify” your account by using your avatar to click on a kiosk inside SL to avoid the faux-page issue.  Nice touch.
**edited to add because it was somehow left off in publishing:  2ndhub also has a nifty little HUD you wear in SL that lets you know about friend requests, posts, replies, etc. so you can actually enjoy SL and not be flipping back and forth to your FB page.