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August 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: TCWSNBN

Skin:  Mons
Hair:  Truth
Shirt and Pants:  Cynful  (subscribo gift)
Shoes:  Berries, Inc.

An extremely hectic weekend makes me later than usual with my post and with incomplete styling notes, but oh well.  This week’s color makes me physically ill just thinking of it, so it will be known as The Color Which Shall Not Be Named(Click on the link to Luna’s post if you really must know.)

I went with the shading from the color swatch again instead of what I associated with this shade in my mind.  Probably a good thing since it allowed me to actually put together the outfit, shoot and edit the picture without yakking up my breakfast.

August 26, 2011

Bubblegum Weekends 2

Skin:  Mons;  Alessa, limited edition (TDR Blue)
Hair:  Exile;  Georgina, frost (tinted hot pink)
Dress:  Sticky Fingers;  My Little Zebra  (Lazy Sunday)
Shoes:  Berries Inc.;  Belinda pumps  (Lazy Sunday)

I had a difficult time with this week’s picture.  Since I don’t own much “bubblegum” hair, I thought I’d take one of the white shades and tint it.  The color came out right, but once I turned on shadows, the hair ends got very messy looking.

I was so focused on how the hair looked that I neglected noticing that I had forgotten to put on my auto-focus hud for my eyes.  So my eyes were looking off in all sorts of strange directions in each one of the raw pictures I took.

(Disclaimer:  For the picture, I did a lot of editing on the dress around the waist seam and the prim piece for the skirt.)