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July 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Celadon

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 11
Hair:  LeLutka;  Knotted, sweeden
Eyes:  Leezu;  Deep Reflection Eyes, green
Tshirt:  Jane;  Layering Tee, celery
Long Sleeve Shirt:  Jane;  Sheer Layers, eucalyptus
Jeans:  Twisted & Spoiled;  T&S jeans, antique
Scarf:  Jane;  Floret tie, avocado
Jewelry:  League;  Wanderer bracelet & Miel;  Chum bracelet

Until this week’s color challenge, I had only heard “celadon” in reference to the beautiful jade-colored Chinese Song Dynasty pottery pieces.  It was a challenge to try to put together a look that would fittingly represent the stunning pieces I remember seeing.

Can I also say how much in love I am with this hair from LeLutka’s Hair Fair booth this year???  It comes with tattoo hair bases that specifically match each shade in the color pack.

As you can see, I’m still practicing with SL shadows.  I’ve found a few Windlight settings that seem to work well with my style.  I do alright against a studio backdrop, but they don’t seem to show as well when I go out into the wilds of a sim.

June 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jade

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, medium 10
Eyes:  Leezu;  Deep Reflection Eyes, Turquoise, large
Lashes:  Redgrave;  #14, feather
Hair:  YunA’s;  # 38, platinum 01
Dress:  Utopia;  Frida, emerald, shirt C w/ shoulder caps and single scarf option
Jewelry:  Mandala;  Kabuki, silver phoenix

This week’s color was jade and while I know it comes in other shades that are just as beautiful, I decided to stick with the classic green that everyone seems to associate with that color.

I had some other photo series work in progress and kinda procrastinated doing my look and I am so glad I did so I could use this new gown from Utopia called Frida. It comes with five (yes, FIVE) different tops, two scarf options, shoulder caps, necklace and even a tiara!  It can go from looking like a classic slinky formal gown to an asian-influenced futuristic look.  I tried to go for a look somewhere in the middle of the two.

I kept with the general Asian feel and accessorized with Mandala’s newest set of bangles and nails, Kabuki in silver.  Though you can’t see them, I was wearing the Coquette shoes in silver from Indyra Originals.

June 8, 2011

Updated Penguin Suit

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, medium 1
Hair:  Exile;  Sirena, champagne
Top:  G. Field;  Floral Halter Top, white
Skirt:  Leezu;  Zarah flexi skirt, soft black
Bracelets:  Rozoregalia;  Hydra 2 & 3

I’ve always looked back fondly on the fashion trend of the mid-80’s of the female-version of the tux shirt.  I remember feeling so stylish when I wore mine with a black pin-stripe slim skirt with the kick pleats in the back and some simple black pumps.

So when I got the fat-pack of the G. Field top I featured earlier this week and discovered that the flower and the midriff prim piece were both color change, I started to mix and match.  This combination reminded me of an updated version of that tux shirt, so I paired it with a super-feminine long, flowing skirt to complete my black-tie ensemble.  Instead of cuff-links, I went with the Hydra bracelets and my stand-by Lady T’ shoes from Pixel Mode.

May 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Pink

Hair:  Truth;  Odette, champagne
Shirt:  Utopia;  Lola, pink
Skirt:  Leezu;  Zarah Flexi Skirt, soft white
I completely forgot to write down my style notes and I can’t remember which skin this is or the bracelet.  So sorry!

In my real life, I’m very much anti-pink.  Not because I dislike the color, but because any shade of it looks hideous with my skin tone.  So while in SL, I do tend to go a little pink-crazy.  There was no way I’d be able to choose between all the luscious pink goodies in my inventory, so it was imperative that I go shopping and buy something new (at least that’s what I tell myself).

I actually found this beautifully frilly lace top on Marketplace and dropped everything to go to the store in person.  It actually comes in a set with jeans, but I felt it called for something softer and I had just bought this skirt in several colors.

In other news, Shoe Fair 2011 opened today.  I was lucky enough to be one of the randomly drawn bloggers to gain access yesterday.  Unfortunately, even without all the crazed footwear shoppers my computer crashed every couple of booths, usually before anything had rezzed.  So I gave up.  Yeah, I suck.  But I have gotten a couple of blogger packs and I’ll show those off over the next few days.

The proceeds for selected vendor items do go to a fantastic charity ( and its worth it to go check out all the yummy creations that make our toes so happy in SL.  There are four sims which will be open from May 14-27.  Here are the tp points provided:

Iridium  Ruthenium  Osmium  and  Rhodium

April 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Asparagus

Skin-  Digit Darkes;  unDress, W9 Sunkiss, Pixie
Hair-  Truth;  Tahlia 2, auburn (with hat)
Eyes-  Exodi;  Riven Eyes, multitone 20
Tank-  Maitreya;  RB Tank, cargo
Shorts-  LeeZu;  Desert Jeans, blue denim (not shown)
Hoodie-  Sey; Maki2 hoodie, green check
Gloves- DoMoCo; Stub Gloves, black
Boots-  Coco;  Engineer Boots, black (not shown)
Jewelry-  Twisted & Spoiled;  Armbands & Cuff from Hunted in Black set
Glove Buckles from Renegade in Black set
Tattoo-  Para Designs;  Karma tattoo, light
Cigarette-  Hermony; Ultimate Cigarette


I’m usually very critical when it comes to my own pictures and editing.  But sometimes, on rare occasions, when you’re putting together a look, setting the scene and doing post-processing, everything seems to fall into place effortlessly.

This week’s color was like a thunderbolt for me and I knew exactly how I wanted to style it.  What actually took me the longest, was finding the sim I wanted to use as a backdrop.  I loved the look as a whole and that’s why I listed what else I was wearing, though during editing I decided that cropping the picture was more effective in portraying the overall look I was going for.  By omitting my usual editing to the eyes, it came together exactly as planned for an indifferent, dead expression and gritty feel.


Music also helps me to get the mood right in a picture, so this week I’m going to share the playlist I used during editing:

“Hear Me Now” – Hollywood Undead
“Isolation” – Alter Bridge
“Not Strong Enough” – Apocalyptica ft. Brent Smith
“Lies of the Beautiful People” – Sixx AM
“Art of Dying” – Die Trying
“Last Man Standing” – Pop Evil
“Porn Star Dancing” – My Darkest Days w/ Ludacris, Chad Kroeger and Zakk Wylde
“The Animal” – Disturbed
“Say You’ll Haunt Me” – Stone Sour
“Fix Me” – 10 Years
“Country Song” – Seether
“Bad Company” – Five Finger Death Punch
“Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) – Shinedown

On to next week’s challenge, Eggplant.  I have many purple options, but none that exact shade.  Yay!  Shopping!