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July 25, 2011

I’ll Take a Vodka Please

Skin:  Laqroki;  Phoebe 2, Fair 01
Hair:  Exile;  Lady Versaille, vanilla roots
Dress:  Kyoot;  Vodka mini-dress, white
Bracelets:  Rozoregalia;  Hydra V 2&3

I was tp’ing around and picking up the things I wanted from the Fifty Linden Friday list and found myself in Kyoot.  I love the clothes, but can never seem to remember them during a fashion crisis.

As I was looking around and packing my inventory with more of the awesome things I’d missed, I found this dress.  Stunning!  Short (check), Tight (check), Sparkly (double-check)  I grabbed it quickly because I knew exactly when and where I was going to wear it.  (I love it when that happens)

May 12, 2011

Aria Azul

I may have mentioned before that I love getting dressed up in formal-wear and going dancing, so when Xan suggested we do that last night, I was overjoyed.  Even moreso because I could wear the dress I had picked up at Culture Shock by Azul.

~Taken at Aria~

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie, Fair 07
Hair:  Exile;  Audrey, sahara
Dress:  Azul;  Laetitia, jade
Bracelet:  Twisted & Spoiled;  ChiChi Bangles (from the ChiChi set), bronze
Cheerno;  Bangles, gold (for The Fashion Garrett)
Earrings:  EarthStones;  Floating Circles, gold & diamond

Sim:  Originalia

I have been a long time fan of Mami Jewell, since before she opened her store and her gowns were available at Styles of Edo.  I still have several of her 2008 dresses that are still wearable (and gorgeous) even by today’s standards.  But this one tops them all by far and was simply stunning to wear and to see flow on the dancefloor.

There were only two very small, very fixable issues with the gown.  First, it does use a system skirt so you will need a skirt-version of your shape.  If you don’t have one, a notecard is provided in the folder on the guidelines you should follow when making yours.  The other issue was the little top jacket has a super-flexy prim around the back and every movement caused a huge gap of skin showing that prim adjustments wouldn’t fix.  Luckily (or maybe by design) it was modifiable and I was able to turn off the flexy on that one piece and solve my problem.

~Taken at The Docks~

If you happened to notice the backgrounds in these pictures, they were both taken at art installations sponsored by Originalia.  Once you land at the teleport point, turn away from the art gallery and follow the path down and to the right.  Follow the signs to The Docks and Aria and you’ll come to these simply breath-taking pieces of art that you can walk through.  My pictures and words can’t begin to do them justice, so you’ll just have to use the link and go visit them yourself.

May 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Olive

Skin:  Tuli;  Helena 03 (from The Dressing Room)
Hair:  Truth;  Adele, Champagne
Dress:  Gizza;  Jane, Vol. 1 (includes bracelets)
Shoes:  Maitreya Gold; Shanti, Olive

I don’t want any foliage (celery) growing out of my Bloody Mary, but I do want it made with olive juice and olives marinating in it.  I love to eat olives, both green and black.  But the color…eh.

I had just picked up this dress from Gizza a couple days before Luna announced the new color and I knew this would be my Olive.  The dress also comes with the two bracelets I’m wearing in the picture.  The only downside is the straps that go around the neck (which you can’t see because of the hair) are prim pieces that you have to adjust.

For you art lovers out there or anyone else with a good eye, that’s Van Gogh’s The Olive Trees in the background.  I didn’t know this until recently, but that’s the companion piece he made to his more famous, The Starry Night. 

See, not only do you get SL fun and fashion here, but also a little bit of culture and art history.

May 5, 2011

Back to Blacklace

I’m one of those SL women that don’t feel the need to complete an outfit with undergarments unless I’m wearing a sheer shirt or a prim skirt.  And I certainly don’t walk around the grid in only a corset, stockings and heels.  So for the longest time, I seriously neglected my lingerie drawer.

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie,    02
Hair:  Truth;  Odette, Champagne streaked, upper part only
Lingerie:  Blacklace; Sublime corset, black velvet
Shoes:  Magnifico;  Fano pumps, black

I was in a lingerie mood though and I immediately teleported to Blacklace, because I know they always have the most stunningly detailed ensembles.  Even though they are very reasonably priced, needless to say, I blew most of my weekly budget buying set after set and color after color of the most gorgeous, satiny, frilly delicacies.

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie, Fair 02
Hair:  Truth;  Cleo, Coolmint streaked
Lingerie:  Blacklace;  Crush, Pink
Feet:  Slink;  Jolie Barefeet

So I may be strutting around the grid over the next few weeks wearing only my unmentionables (which I just mentioned) just to show it off. 

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie, Fair 02
Hair:  Truth;  Kaelyn 2, barley
Lingerie:  Blacklace;  Worship corset, Thai Silk & Lace
Boots:  BAX; Ankle boots, black suede

April 29, 2011

More Formality

Skin:  Laqroki; Unknown (forgot to record it)
Hair:;  Allison, Happy blond
Gown:  Purple Moon;  Serafina, Pink
Jewelry:  JCNY;  Young Hollywood, Hypergems Bracelets

As we prepared to go to Elegance Ballroom on Easter evening, I decided to do a 180 from my usual slinky gowns in jewel tones and wear something pastel and poof-tastic.

This gown was a stunner and I truly enjoyed wearing it while twirling around the dance floor.  The level of detail in construction, shading and accessories is just awe-inspiring and I’ll definitely be returning to Purple Moon for future formal wear needs.

April 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Periwinkle

Skin: Laqroki;  Phoebe2, Fair 08
Hair:  [69];  Olivia 03, Platinum blonde
Dress:  Grixdale;  Sun of a Gun, Vintage Doll, Lilac
Jewelry:  Earthstones;  Inlaid Link Bracelet, Lapis

Okay, so this week was tougher than I thought it would be when I originally saw the color chip.    I went through every last piece in my inventory that could even remotely be considered Periwinkle and found nothing.  The abandoned clothing heap continued to grow with things that were discarded as being either too blue or too purple.  I can’t believe I was defeated so easily by my own inventory.  Oh, the shame.

The shopping therapy I prescribed myself was almost immediately effective when I ran across this beautiful “girly” dress at Grixdale.  The lilac was close enough to a periwinkle that I just claimed artistic license and ran with it.  And how lucky was it that 69 just released this super-cute braided hair with a color-change scarf!  So here’s my one obligatory “woman in field in flowery dress” picture.

Next up in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Tangerine.

Edited to add:  I was going to share the playlist I used when editing this picture and completely forgot.  I wanted the picture really soft so I assembled the music that makes me feel that way, mostly a lot of slow, bluesy tunes.

Closer to You ~ Dennis Quaid (from The Big Easy soundtrack)
Gravity ~ John Mayer
Let It Be Me ~ Ray LaMontagne
Tupelo Honey ~ Wayne Toups
Come Pick Me Up ~ Ryan Adams
Simple Man ~ Shinedown cover
Wild Horses ~ Beth Hart ft. Jesper Benzer

April 21, 2011

In Formal Attire

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie, Fair 06
Hair:  Vive9;  Bruna, Sand Dollar
Gown:  AlaFolie; Miss Philipines Version 1
Shoes:  Indyra Originals;  Coqeutte Noir Sandals, silver
Jewelry:  Miam Miam; Amethyst Jewel Bangle & VG Republic; Thin Metal Bangles

Xan’s Tux:  Lapointe & Bastchild;  Couture Tuxedo, Pewter

Couple Pose:  Exposeur;  Stuck on You

Its always a pleasure sorting through my SL closet to get all dressed up for a night of romance, especially when I run across a gown this fabulous.  I don’t quite remember when I got this one, but I do remember thinking I should save it for a special occasion.

I was right.  The dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the tux and especially the man all came together for one very magical night of music and dancing at the Elegance BallroomFor the first hour we were there, a DJ played some of the standards you’d expect to hear.  We received a special treat though when one of their singers, Krisie Snowdrop, showed up (with entourage) to entertain us for the next hour.  She had a very lovely voice and an eclectic choice of melodies that provided a very different, but pleasurable ballroom experience.

April 14, 2011

Born to Be…Mild? Not Likely!

Skin:  Laqroki;  Phoebe2, Glow skin, Fair 02
Hair:  Truth;  Whitney, streaked sand
Shirt:  League;  Garage Shirt (Skull), Charcoal
Jeans:  League;  Garage Jeans, Cool Blue
Boots:  Drawmachine; Ladies Biker Boots Classic
Glove & Jewelry:  Twisted & Spoiled:  Glove & Buckle from Renegade in Black
Rockcandy;  Wristband, checkered red
Tattoo:  Para Designs;  Henna Beauty Tattoo, light

Bike:  HDCC;  2007 Boss, Mystica


I’ve had the yearning lately to dust off the vintage bike, roll out to a riding sim and feel the wind in my hair (and the bugs in my teeth) again.  No helmet laws in SL to worry about.  But I’m not sure the old girl is up to it anymore.  The BIKE, not ME!  I’m not ready for a Hoveround Scooter yet.


While she’s at the garage getting a check-up, I may start scouting around looking for a place with open roads and plenty of freedom.  Of course these places usually have bike shops and who knows, I may end up with a new one (or two).  But I have the clothes for it already, especially these super-cute jeans from League.  I drooled over these for several visits to the store, but always talked myself out of buying.  Don’t have to ask if my butt looks big in these, they’re just right and the prim bandana is color-change!!!  I’m definitely going back to buy more colors.


~~Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s what’s it’s all about, all right. But talkin’ about it and bein’ it, that’s two different things. I mean, it’s real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. Of course, don’t ever tell anybody that they’re not free, ’cause then they’re gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that they are. Oh, yeah, they’re gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em. ~~from Easy Rider

April 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Banana Mania

Skin:  Laqroki;  Claudia2, Peach 02
Hair:  Exile;  Bronwyn, Hotstreak
Eyes:  Exodi;  Riven Eyes, Grasshopper
Lashes:  Laqroki;  Mascara 01 Black, Natural
Dress:  Hucci;  Rule the World, Sunshine
Shoes:  Mayden Couture;  Nicole, Fuxia

Mmm, Strawberry Banana.  One of my most favorite fruit combos.  Wearing a dress like this to hunt Easter eggs in though is probably not one of my better ideas.


This week’s look was inspired by that one aisle in the store that’s been taunting me for weeks now with those delicious morsels of pastel yumminess…Peeps.  Yellow, pink, purple (and now they even have blue and orange) bites of gooey marshmallow bunnies and chicks have been my Easter-season downfall for far too many years now.  My running inner conflict between “just one more” and knowing my hips will regret it is plain to see on my face as I take such joy in biting each of their delicious little heads off.

March 31, 2011

Beachin’ Dude!

Skin:  Laqroki;  Linnea, Fair 04, light brows
Hair:  Elikatira;  Melody, Blonde 07
Shirt:  A:S:S;  69 Raglan, green
Shorts:  Tres Blah;  Denim Cutoffs, Light
Socks:  JANE;  Lil piggies, rugby, Milk
Shoes:  SOREAL;  Superstars, White/Blue-Red
Necklace:  EarthStones;  Stone Donut Leather Necklace, Green Apatite/Brown


I miss my island.  I miss my beach.  In fact, I missed it so much, I had to go and buy a small plot of beachfront property (which somehow manages to be right smack in the middle of several horse ranches).  I’ve been hard at work building a pier and new beach house and needed a break.

I’ve been using a lot of Distressed Textures in my builds recently and I could spend hours and thousands of Linden there.  They just moved their mainstore last week and the new sim is a great place for pictures.  There was a sim photo contest running and I’m not sure of the deadline for submissions, so make sure to drop by and see the details to find out when it ends.  If you don’t have time to visit in-world, most everything is available conveniently on Marketplace.


I can’t wait til I’m done and can begin the fun part of decorating!  I found so many cute new things at Cheeky Pea, Clutter, Crackberry, MudHoney, and Awesome Blossom.  It seems there are so many stores out with tons of adorable shabby chic pieces, its hard to stay focused and choose selectively what I really need and I just buy everything!


Of course, I did take some shopping time away from the new project to go grab this cute shirt and the shorts my sis, Bubbles, featured from Tres Blah last week.  The rest of my list will have to wait…I think I need more textures.