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July 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Melon

Skin:  Curio;  Candy, moonbeam, dark sugar town 2
Hair:  Exile;  Caitrin, roots, stefani
Shirt:  Berries Inc.;  Heidi top, rose white
Shorts:  Stellar;  Bermuda jeans 2, white
Nails:  Mandala;  Nail palette 2 short
Feet:  Slink;  Jolie Pied v2.0, medium

This was really a tough one for me, so I went simple.  Just like this post.

P.S. – Just a little note that I’m on vacation and away from home until Friday, August 4, 2011.  All posts published during this week have been previously edited and awaiting publication in my Drafts.

July 29, 2011

The In Skins

Hair 1:  Catwa;  Sumaya V2, platinum
Skin 1:  Curio;  Candy, Moonbeam, dark Sugar Town 2

Two skin releases have been causing a stir lately.  The first from Curio is Candy and its very sweet.  I absolutely love the makeups and the detail in Curio skins.  I usually don’t wear Curio because the face shading always seem to be too light in comparison with the body and I just prefer it to be not as visible.  But a tip I read from another blogger said the lighter skin tones weren’t as noticeable.  I would give credit with a link to her blog, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.  Apologies!

I popped over to Curio and tried on some of the moonbeam shades and it was true enough!  I adore the Candy line and I’ll certainly be going back to try demos in the lighter skin tone for some of the other newer releases.

Hair 2:  Truth;  Bree, champagne
Skin 2:  Baiastice;  Nina, porcelaine, makeup 8 brown

The next skin is from Baiastice.  I’m not very familiar with this brand and in fact didn’t even know they made skins, so it was a pleasure to find them.  The faces for Nina are stunning in their beauty!  I think I need to adjust my shape a bit and scale down the lips some because they seem a bit too full.

I also learned a very valuable lesson when skin shopping:  Don’t wear hair that covers the sides of your face and cheeks when selecting the makeup style.  The heavy extended eye-line would be gorgeous with darker hair or complexion, but is way too much for my pale skin and blond hair.

Other items in pictures:
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus, ocean
Lashes:  LeLutka;  2011 Curl lashes
Shirt:  Berries Inc.;  Basic shirt, lemon
Earrings:  Purple Moon;  Roses, vintage copper

P.S. – Just a little note that I’m on vacation and away from home until Friday, August 4, 2011.  All posts published during this week have been previously edited and awaiting publication in my Drafts.

July 15, 2011

Little Yellow Flowers

Skin:  Curio;  Airhead, Truth district gift
Hair:  Exile;  Bailey, Vanilla roots
Shirt:  Kyoot;  Sunday Girl, pear tree
Pants:  Kyoot;  Elbo trousers, taupe
Shoes:  Mstyle;  Rivea pumps, yellow flowers
Bracelets:  Cailyn’s;  Chunky cuff opal & Uzuri;  Ashan bracelet

I had a Kyoot attack a couple weeks ago when I found myself there to pick up these pants for Fifty Linden Friday.  As I was looking around, I saw this top in one of the ads and the pattern gave me a serious case of deja vu.  It took me a moment for it to click how perfectly it matches with my Rivea pumps from Mstyle!

I also thought I’d try out the gift from Curio for the Truth District opening.  I’m not sure about this particular one, but it has me interested enough that I put it on my list to pop over there to try demos of the newness offered.

Which also reminds me that I need to get over and check out Truth District.  I tried to avoid the opening madness because I dislike crowds.  Then RL intervened and it slipped my mind.  Now its on my list to go visit, hopefully later today.

April 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Eggplant

subtitled:  The Uninspired Eggplant

Skin:  Curio;  Lustre, Petal, Patina 2
Hair:  Anaphora;  Nikole_Bole (from The Fashion Garrett)
Dress:  League;  Hitch Dress, Purple
Feet:  Slink; Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet
Jewelry:  Miel:  Ahi Necklace

My sis, Bubbles, says I’m an overachiever because I usually have my color challenge picture done by noon the day its announced.  Not this time.

I’m not sure what it was about the egg(plant) and I this week because I normally love purple.  So here I ended up, sprawled on a porch swing in pretty much nothing but a dress feeling unimaginative and uninspired.  No fancy editing, just a few tweaks so I didn’t look like a jigsaw puzzle.  *Sighs*

Edited:  Since I’ve had a couple comments about it, the swing is the Patio Swing from Cool Beans.