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April 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Tangerine

Forgot to write down my style info but from memory, I think its bikini by Boom; Hair by Magika; Bracelets by Shiny Things.

Tangerine was another dream of a a week for me.  I knew almost immediately how I wanted to show off and edit this color and it came out almost exactly as I had planned.  I wanted a comic/graphic novel-ish finishing treatment and I think I pulled that off. 

The only thing I wasn’t sure of was where to take the picture.  That was solved after I finally found some beach property to rent and got a new home.  Everything in the picture is from Tiki Tattoo and its all gorgeous!  I’m so happy with everything I’ve gotten there so far and I have a list for future purchases to fill out all the little areas of the new place.

I can’t seem to access Luna’s blog at the moment, so I’m not sure if I’m going to love or hate the next color *keeps my fingers crossed*.

March 31, 2011

Beachin’ Dude!

Skin:  Laqroki;  Linnea, Fair 04, light brows
Hair:  Elikatira;  Melody, Blonde 07
Shirt:  A:S:S;  69 Raglan, green
Shorts:  Tres Blah;  Denim Cutoffs, Light
Socks:  JANE;  Lil piggies, rugby, Milk
Shoes:  SOREAL;  Superstars, White/Blue-Red
Necklace:  EarthStones;  Stone Donut Leather Necklace, Green Apatite/Brown


I miss my island.  I miss my beach.  In fact, I missed it so much, I had to go and buy a small plot of beachfront property (which somehow manages to be right smack in the middle of several horse ranches).  I’ve been hard at work building a pier and new beach house and needed a break.

I’ve been using a lot of Distressed Textures in my builds recently and I could spend hours and thousands of Linden there.  They just moved their mainstore last week and the new sim is a great place for pictures.  There was a sim photo contest running and I’m not sure of the deadline for submissions, so make sure to drop by and see the details to find out when it ends.  If you don’t have time to visit in-world, most everything is available conveniently on Marketplace.


I can’t wait til I’m done and can begin the fun part of decorating!  I found so many cute new things at Cheeky Pea, Clutter, Crackberry, MudHoney, and Awesome Blossom.  It seems there are so many stores out with tons of adorable shabby chic pieces, its hard to stay focused and choose selectively what I really need and I just buy everything!


Of course, I did take some shopping time away from the new project to go grab this cute shirt and the shorts my sis, Bubbles, featured from Tres Blah last week.  The rest of my list will have to wait…I think I need more textures.

March 23, 2011

Picknic in Bed

Hair- Elikatira; Melody, Blonde 07
Skin- Laqroki; Phoebe2, Fair 05
Shirt- JANE; Francie So Innocent blouse, Milk
Pants- Zaara; Chirudar slacks, Mint
Shoes- Pixel Mode; Baby T’s, Dew
Bracelet- League; Wanderer set
Bed- Mudhoney; Mia Palette Bed

I’m still on “Spring Break” and using my laptop, so I’m away from all my nifty Photoshop editing tools.  I knew this would be the case, so I edited a few before I left home.  But what’s a blogger to do when she’s just not feeling any of the pre-made pictures?  I remembered that Flickr has some editing tools called Picknic (found under the Actions menu on each photo).

I had been searching for a new bed for the skybox I just built and finally found one by Mudhoney that was featured in one of the Saturday specials this past weekend.  The home-y patchwork fits in wonderfully with my new decor and it has several individual and couple poses built in.  I also picked up this adorable flowy blouse from JANE and wanted to show it off as well.

Since I was on my laptop, I decided not to attempt a high-rez photo, so the quality isn’t up to my usual standards to begin with.  But Picknik has some very basic editing and effects options for Flickr users and more available if you pay a fee for a premium account (yearly is approx. $25.00 USD).  Its layout is straightforward, simple to use and there’s is even an option to load the edited picture back into Flickr with the click of a button.

March 21, 2011

Lovin’ That Crack

I’m always on the lookout for cute, inexpensive furniture-type items that have poses built-in that I can use for pictures.  On Saturday, I was curious when I was browsing the Taste of SL list on one of my favorite websites, The Rumor, and found this lime and purple set featured from Crackberry.  I was intrigued by the color combination, so I tp’d over to see it and I must admit, I was really pleasantly surprised.  Not only by this set on its own, but by all the furniture.


There are only a few of the items from the whole set shown in the picture above, simply because I didn’t have time to rez and position them all.  There’s also a love seat and chair, as well as wall pieces and plants.  The textures on the pieces are really well done and all the totally cute tchotchkies on the bookshelf come with it!  The Taste of SL special price may be expired (not sure) but the set is definitely worth paying full price (I would) and I plan to go back to Crackberry and buy additional sets.  I only wish the selection wasn’t as limited so I don’t run out of pieces to buy!