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August 7, 2011

Finally Found: Ricielli

Skin:   Grixdale;  Teagan 2, Sugar, faun
Hair:  Exile;  Georgina, persimmon
Jacket:  R.icielli;  Gabriela military jacket, orange (TDR)
Top:  Riddle;  Mini Lace tank, white (part of High Waisted Skirt dress from my Second Wardrobe)
Pants:  R.icielli;  Sarouel pants, bw (Summer Hunt)

Sooo much catching up to do with shopping and hunts and sales!!!  I ran over and did the Summer Hunt at Ricielli and found some really cute things (luckily its not too difficult).  I’m not sure why I’ve not shopped there before, but the detailing on the clothing is incredible!  I’ll have to take some more leisurely shopping time there in the future.

August 5, 2011

Finally Found: Kik Hair

Style:  Nina, platinum

I only check the feeds about once a week and even then its usually only the first page, just to see if there’s anything else new that I absolutely must have for my wardrobe.  I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks through the Hair Fair coverage that [kik] hair has been mentioned a lot.  *squeees*  Another hair designer find!

Style:  Bennett, blonde

I love the first time I go to a new-to-me store and come across so many must haves that my Linden dollar balance goes into shock from massive hemorrhage.

Style:  Fiona, platinum

And I really heart when there’s just so many things I want that I have to mentally rein myself in and make a vow to come back to buy more later.  That was the case with Kik hair.  After almost five years of wearing pixel perfect hair, its a really nice change to come across some well-done messy styles.

Style:  Fine I, platinum

Other items in pictures:

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 01
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus, ocean
Lashes:  LeLutka;  2011 curl lashes
Shirt:  Berries Inc.;  Racer top, rose

July 17, 2011

Finally Found: Plume and Catwa

Top:  Plume;  Jeux d’enfants, platinum
Left:  Plume;  Plumeria, platinum
Right:  Plume;  Innocence, platinum
Skin:  Pink Fuel;  Elly, milk, angelic
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus ocean
Shirt:  Novocaine;  Alandra blouse, pink

Some women love shoes, some love skins, some love handbags…with me, its hair.  So it makes me giddy when I find a hair store I didn’t know about.  Recently, I found two!!

The first, Plume, specializes in very elegant and editorial hair styles.  I’ve always had a few basic go-to updos in my inventory for those formal evenings, but I usually prefer long hair.  Until recently.  I have adored every style I’ve bought from Plume, including the new releases this week I’ve shown above.

Top:  Catwa;  Hayfa V3, creamy toffee
Bottom:  Catwa;  Sumaya V2, creamy toffee
Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 1
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus, apple
Shirt:  Novocaine;  Allandra blouse, gold

Catwa is one of those designers that you ask yourself, “How did I not know about this?”  I only had time to run down the New Releases aisle, but I wanted them all and had to make some hard choices.  I’ll certainly be making a return trip to raid the rest of the styles when I have a couple hours to sample them all.

July 8, 2011

Finally Found: The Whore Mansion

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 1
Hair:  Clawtooth;  Pretty Words, bombshell blonde
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus, watermelon
Shirt:  The Whore Mansion;  Suck My Top, cool white
Skirt:  The Whore Mansion;  Candie’s skirt, pattern dots
Socks:  Jane;  Lil Piggies Sassy socks, milk
Shoes:  UBU;  PornStar xtra high tops
Bracelets:  League;  Wanderer bracelet & Miel;  Chum bracelet

Thanks to Luna Jubilee’s Mauve Color Challenge post, I finally managed to find The Whore Mansion.  Now its no secret to anyone that knows me that I like to bust out (literally) the slutty clothes occasionally.  And with a boyfriend that really appreciates short skirts, I find myself in them more often than not lately.  The Whore Mansion was a perfect shopping site for all my tight, low-cut and micro-skirt needs.

I couldn’t resist this little mix n’ match outfit in hot pink and virginal white that gave me an 80’s vibe.  I decided not to go with the expected Do-Me stilettos and went kinda tomboyish with the over-the-knee socks and hightops.

I also got to show off one of my Hair Fair finds from Clawtooth and my new eyes from Aphotic Gloom (referred by a post on Gogo’s blog).

June 27, 2011

Finally Found: So Many Styles

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 01
Hair:  Exile;  Caitrin, Vanilla roots
Dress:  So Many Styles;  Floral Tulip dress, blue
Shoes:  Pixel Mode;  Fae Wedge, Khaki
Necklace:  Miel;  Cue necklace
Bracelet:  Twisted & Spoiled;  ChiChi bangle

I actually first found So Many Styles a few weeks back when we did the “I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me” challenge.  Xan had chosen one of the skirts from there and I put it on my Places To Check Out list.

I was looking for something to wear Friday evening and went to my handy list.  After about an hour shopping there, I ended up with so many cute options to wear that I had trouble deciding on one.

The floral dress reminded me of some of the 80’s fashions I grew up with and it was a big hit with the boyfriend.

June 23, 2011

Living Under a Rock

So Xan and I went to see another one of Maximillion Kleene’s live performances the other day.  I’ve been a fan of his since his very first performance at the Hummingbird back in 2006.  To end his show this time, he does this incredible rap/performance of Jason Mraz’s Butterfly (which I’d never heard before), but I’m only halfway paying attention to it because I’ve spotted a woman wearing an amazing dress.  Turns out its someone from his management group who was nice enough in the midst of passing out group invites to tell me the creator…Zaara.  Zaara?  How did I miss this release???

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, pale 12
Hair:  Angel;  Alanis II, natural
Dress:  Zaara;  Svara dress, black
Shoes:  Donna Flora;  Milva, black/silver
Nails:  Pixel Mode;  Sculpted nails, V2 platinum edition
Jewelry:  VG Republic;  African Bangle & Uzuri; Noble bracelet

So I’ve apparently been living under a rock to miss both this Jason Mraz song and a Zaara dress.  Anyway, the dress comes in two different versions, the one shown above with the cutouts showing skin and another with another layer of contrasting material underneath.  Both are fabulous and I had a hard time trying to choose which to wear for the picture.

As you can see, I’m still playing with the SL shadows.  Practice, practice, practice.  Right?

Here’s an acoustic version of Butterfly I found you might enjoy:

Curl your upper lip up and let me look around
Ride your tongue along your bottom lip then bite down
And bend your back and ask those hips if I can touch
‘Cause they’re the perfect jumping off point
Getting closer to your butterfly

~Butterfly, Jason Mraz

June 5, 2011

Finally Found: G. Field

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, medium 9
Hair:  Exile;  Caitrin, Stefani roots
Top:  G. Field;  Floral Halter top, lime
Capri:  G. Field;  Capri Jeans, white (not shown)
Shoes:  Mstyle;  Rivea pumps, yellow flowers
Jewelry:  Cheerno;  bangles, gold & EarthStones; Diamond Tennis bangle, gold

I must have been living under a rock to NOT have known about G. Field!  I finally found them during Shoe Fair when they released those cute Vilda boots.  I had put them on my list to go visit the mainstore, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Then I got a notice about a new clothing release.  Wait, wut?  They do clothes too! 

I immediately raced over and spent over an hour grabbing clothes and of course, more shoes.  This top was one of my selections and after wearing it, I can say I’ll be going back to get more colors because its absolutely adorable!

Also newly- released is the Rivea pumps from Mstyle in leopard print and floral options.  I’m not too big a fan of prints of any kind, but I completely fell in love with the floral.  Unfortunately, the fatpack is for both sets of prints, so I’ll have to go back and buy all the other floral colors separately.

June 1, 2011

Finally Found: Immersiva

Last week I had written about seeing Bryn Oh’s Anna’s Many Murders and I had made a promise to myself to check out her previous installation, Immersiva.  I was able to go earlier this week, quite by coincidence when Xan tp’d me there on one of our exploration evenings.  I didn’t do too much editing on the pictures because I wanted to show the pieces as the artist created them.

As you climb through this first tower, the first story of Daughter of Gears is revealed.  I don’t want to show too much because its really something you should experience for yourself.  Be careful as you climb, this is a health-damage sim and falling while making the ascent could be hazardous.

~Daughter of Gears~

After decending from the top of the tower, you can move on to the next area and follow the story of The Rabbicorn.  Each vignette has a portion of the tale which you get in a notecard by clicking on a paper somewhere in the scene.  Also there is a silver teleport which will take you to the next area.

From tesla coils
And a music box
Parts of a gramaphone
And fur from a fox

If you follow all the way through, you’ll see how the two stories correlate.  I was actually able to pick up on the themes and follow along, which is unusual for me.  I also now see how the pieces in this first installation relate to many in the second and I wish I had experienced Immersiva first.  I’ll definitely go back through Anna’s Many Murders again to enjoy it as it should be.

My journey through Immersiva left me wishing this was a real installation in a gallery so I could take my son through it as well.

May 26, 2011

Finally Found: Immerschoen

When it seemed there had been an abundance of times I’d been scanning the feeds and saw something I liked that came from Immerschoen, I finally decided it was time to go check it out.

I was greeted by display after display of sexy latex and leather.  Hey!  My kind of place.  I picked up several of those pieces and finally made my way to the denim and casual aisle where I found this adorable top and capri set.

Skin:  Belleza;  Aiko, medium 0
Hair:  Exile;  Hayley, champagne
Shirt/Pants:  Immerschoen;  Carmen, white
Shoes:  Immerschoen;  HighHeels Sneakers, white
Face Paint:  EY:NO; Face Paint, pink & black
Jewelry:  Shiny Things; Nico bracelet
Window Seat:  This is a Fawn & Cheeky Pea (Pose Fair 2011)

Underneath the vendor for the outfit, they had another one that you could buy these super-cute high-heeled sneakers, so I just had to make it a whole outfit.  They also have very sexy thigh boots and stockings available.  And on the other side of the store?  Menswear!  So its one-stop shopping for full outfits.

May 25, 2011


It seems Facebook is feeling froggy again and doing mass evictions of SLers’ profiles.  So what’s the social network of choice for avatars these days?  2nd Hub.

I abandoned the FB ship yesterday before they could close mine down and created my 2ndhub profile. (So There Facebook!)  You’ll find it here.

2ndhub is specifically geared for SecondLife avatars and has seen a huge influx of new accounts in the past two days due to FB’s douche-baggery.  You’ll find most of the same features, with the ability to “like” and create business pages and groups.  There are event listings, mail and even live chat.  I actually prefer the 2ndhub page layout to that of FB.

In addition, you “verify” your account by using your avatar to click on a kiosk inside SL to avoid the faux-page issue.  Nice touch.
**edited to add because it was somehow left off in publishing:  2ndhub also has a nifty little HUD you wear in SL that lets you know about friend requests, posts, replies, etc. so you can actually enjoy SL and not be flipping back and forth to your FB page.