For The Boys 2

Shirt:  Kal Rau;  Plaid shirt M4
Jeans:  Blitzed;  Combo Jeans, tone 3
Shoes:  Eg+Redgrave;  El Ganso sneakers, 007 black canvas

Xan always comes through for me.  I told him that I needed another “For the Boys” look (with a heavy load of *hint hint hint*) and he showed up with this ensemble.

The turned up cuffs with the plaid-accented jeans are just so cute and always remind me of the 50’s James Dean look.  Add the plaid in the layered shirt (which is actually all on one layer) and now I have The Lumberjack by Jackyl on auto-repeat in my head.  Who knew a chain saw could be a musical instrument??

Disclaimer:  In the interest of full disclosure…I didn’t see until I was editing the picture that there is a very noticeable seam showing around the waist.  I did not edit it out (which is giving the perfectionist in me twitches).

P.S. – Just a little note that I’m on vacation and away from home until Friday, August 4, 2011.  All posts published during this week have been previously edited and awaiting publication in my Drafts.

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