Found a Little Hope

A creepy carousel, a derailed metro train with its broken rails dipping into the ocean, a derelict bridge and an apartment building toppled into the sea.  All of these post-apocalyptic scenes surround the teleport point of Hope in the Silver Springs simThere are no notecards or signs to give a clue as to what catastrophe happened and my imagination pointed to something mundane:  an earthquake.

Across the abandoned bridge, this world becomes a chaotic medley of futuristic steampunk and a fantasy world.  Robots and fairies abound with no traces of human presence.  The pile of skulls and severed heads filling the hollow of one of the trees surrounding the fairy glen revealed that the bright colors hid the fairies’ more carnivorous natures.

No other animal life could be found.  Even this small cottage was occupied by a robotic cat and the usual birds perched upon the telephone wires had been replaced by flying desk lamps.

The broken-hearted tin man on the left witnesses this robotic wedding ceremony.  The poor thing looked so sad.

Each vignette was picturesque in its own way and it was really fun to explore.  I’ll definitely be keeping this LM in my Scenic Sims folder to use when I need interesting backdrops for pictures.

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