Daytime Dreams

Xan did it again…found another interesting and beautiful place for me to blog about, Daytime DreamsThis time I was on my desktop when we dropped in (instead of my crappy laptop) and I decided to try to play with shadows while taking scenery pictures.  Unfortunately, I switched my graphics settings to Ultra after I had already turned on shadows, which then turned them back off.  *facepalms*  I didn’t realize this until halfway through, so some may have shadows, some not so much.

Scattered about the area are some of Bryn Oh’s sculptures and creations (like the mayfly and clockwork horse), but mostly its like Alice in Wonderland/Fairy Grove combination.  It didn’t make much sense to me (my failing completely), but there were pretty vistas to use as picture backgrounds.

I found this quite interesting, a giant playable chessboard.  See the little white thing in the middle of the black pawns?  A chair!  There’s another one on the opposite side for your opponent to sit in as well.  Neither of us are chessmasters though so we bypassed the opportunity to play.

More giant fairy mushrooms scattered about.  I was playing with Windlight settings here.

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