52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Lemon

Skin:  Pink Fuel;  Elly, milk, angelic
Hair:  Truth;  Pandora, champagne streaked
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom;  Clarus, ocean
Shirt:  Indyra Originals;  Kaegan Cowl Necked Jersey top, aurora
Shorts:  Maitreya;  Jean shorts, faded
Bracelets:  League;  Wanderer & Miel;  Chum

I went pretty much down-to-the-wire with this week’s challenge due to some RL issues and I’m just now writing the post to go with the picture right before I publish it.

Thank goodness Lemon was easy enough for me to assemble.  Not because of an abundance of yellow items, but just the opposite and only having a few in my inventory.  I’ve always felt that as a blonde, yellow tones kinda washed me out.  Its only been recently that I’ve been picking up a few here and there.  I have so few yellow items, I actually had to go back to my pictures for Yellow, Goldenrod, and Banana to make sure I hadn’t used this top before.

I finally gave in and got the Elly skin from Pink Fuel and I’ve got it ranked among my top two favorite skins in my inventory.  I’ve also been branching out with my eyes, using Aphotic Gloom (instead of my usual Negaposi) and in shades other than green.

I’m excited about next week’s color, Patriarch, a rich royal purple!

6 Comments to “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Lemon”

  1. Interesting that you say that, as a brunette I’ve always assumed yellow was a color made for blondes since it tends to make them sunshiney and bright. You certainly look gorgeous in this tone.

  2. You look beautiful in this skin, hair and colour !
    Just as you did in the celadon post

  3. you look adorable! Love the skin/hair/color combination 🙂 What’s that cool building in the background?

  4. Beautiful as always Ms Lange.
    Ill tell ya what though..DIGGIN that skin!!!!! LOVE IT..I think i gonna have to play with that one in the near future. XoXo

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