One For the Boys

Hoodie:   SEY;   Buttoned Hoodie /A/Black
Jeans:  NSD;  Homme Jeans/Black
Tee:  Muism;   Deep V Tee/Black
Necklace:  Mandala;  Kimera Necklace /Black
Shoes:  GOS;   Desert Boots – Black Leather

When I tp’d Xan over to my place to start our evening with a hug and a kiss, I was super-impressed with the outfit he’d put together.  I had to delay the start of our evening so I could drag him to the rooftop studio and grab a couple quick pics.  And color me shocked – he even accessorized!

In my opinion, a guy can never go wrong with Sey or Mandala (especially when said guy usually doesn’t wear jewelry).  He’s always loved to shop, but now he’s starting to bring out his inner fashionisto.  I’m creating a new category, “For The Boys”, to feature men’s clothing that I want to give a nod to.

One Comment to “One For the Boys”

  1. I knew you’d eventually have to leave a ‘lil tip for all the Ro’s of SL. This is definitely true: some people just have no clue or patience for shopping in a world where the Ro’s of the world are just sorely neglected. The Ro names no names. Anyway, congratulations, Kairo! Lastly, your suggestions for the Photo Booth have been added to my notecard but I have to actually get to implementing them first LOL.

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