Last month, I did a post called Aria Azul which featured an art installation at Originalia called Aria.  At the time, I had only used the the entrance as a backdrop, promising myself to go back and enjoy the full piece.  Xan and I made it back and went through it, taking pictures I intended to use on a full blog piece, but life and other items kept pushing it to the back of the line until now.

Aria isn’t just the visual pieces, but a full media experience as well, with both music and video enhancing the atmosphere.  Make sure you accept the Windlight setting recommendation when you enter and click on the sign to get a notecard with information from the artist.

Once you land at the teleport point, turn away from the art gallery and follow the path down and to the right.  Follow the signs to The Docks and Aria and just keep walking along the path through the wall at the other side of The Docks.

You can see other photos of Aria on my Flickr.

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