Anna’s Many Murders

I’ve recently discovered a fondness for exploring art galleries and installations and while I may not know what the artist wishes to evoke with a piece, I know what I like.  Even if it is the story of a creepy little girl’s trip through madness in Anna’s Many Murders.

This is Bryn Oh’s Anna.  When she doesn’t get her way, she likes to dispose of any obstacles, usually in some whimsical way.  Such as when the Chef dared to imply she might be a bit mad, she tied him to the railroad tracks and ran over him with a pushcart.  Its like the bastard love-child of Picasso and Tim Burton.

“Dismantling” one of the jurors at her trial, killing the judge with his own gavel and hanging the warden when she gets caught.

Anna manages to escape and we follow Anna to her world outside, through strangely disturbing mechanical scenes, wonderfully imagined by Bryn Oh.

Even in her madness, she seems to be kind to animals, such as they are.  I’m sure there’s some really deep, thought-provoking message in this installation, but even if I didn’t “get it”, I had an amazing time going from scene to scene.

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  1. For the curious, I did manage to find Bryn Oh’s own post about this installation. You can read it here:

    You can also see the rest of the pictures I took in my Flickr set:


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