Aria Azul

I may have mentioned before that I love getting dressed up in formal-wear and going dancing, so when Xan suggested we do that last night, I was overjoyed.  Even moreso because I could wear the dress I had picked up at Culture Shock by Azul.

~Taken at Aria~

Skin:  Laqroki;  Nellie, Fair 07
Hair:  Exile;  Audrey, sahara
Dress:  Azul;  Laetitia, jade
Bracelet:  Twisted & Spoiled;  ChiChi Bangles (from the ChiChi set), bronze
Cheerno;  Bangles, gold (for The Fashion Garrett)
Earrings:  EarthStones;  Floating Circles, gold & diamond

Sim:  Originalia

I have been a long time fan of Mami Jewell, since before she opened her store and her gowns were available at Styles of Edo.  I still have several of her 2008 dresses that are still wearable (and gorgeous) even by today’s standards.  But this one tops them all by far and was simply stunning to wear and to see flow on the dancefloor.

There were only two very small, very fixable issues with the gown.  First, it does use a system skirt so you will need a skirt-version of your shape.  If you don’t have one, a notecard is provided in the folder on the guidelines you should follow when making yours.  The other issue was the little top jacket has a super-flexy prim around the back and every movement caused a huge gap of skin showing that prim adjustments wouldn’t fix.  Luckily (or maybe by design) it was modifiable and I was able to turn off the flexy on that one piece and solve my problem.

~Taken at The Docks~

If you happened to notice the backgrounds in these pictures, they were both taken at art installations sponsored by Originalia.  Once you land at the teleport point, turn away from the art gallery and follow the path down and to the right.  Follow the signs to The Docks and Aria and you’ll come to these simply breath-taking pieces of art that you can walk through.  My pictures and words can’t begin to do them justice, so you’ll just have to use the link and go visit them yourself.

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