Finally Found…AM Radio

I had always seen pictures around Flickr and the SL Blogsphere that were taken in AM Radio’s projects and had thought to myself, “Ooh, neat place.  I’ll have to visit someday.”  That someday always seemed to be forgotten until recently when the chatter arose about the closing of the builds soon.

Hello, Goodbye

Last night, I finally took the time to visit and I’ve been kicking myself ever since because I hadn’t gone sooner.  I was only able to make it to half of the areas because we spent so much exploring and taking pictures in each part.

Down Came the Light

Finding these amazing places to take pictures is only half my fun and most of the allure in places like this is the potential of what it can become after editing.  Since these pictures were all part of the series, I used the same post-processing treatment on all of them to keep them cohesive.

This series of pictures was taken in The Far Away wheatfield.

If you’d like to see all the AM Radio areas, check out Strawberry Singh’s blog, there are clickies I used to get to all of them!

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