An Excess of Exxess

Its always so enjoyable after a long break from SL to come back in and gorge yourself buying all the new things your favorite creators have released in your absence.  I’m not really a “goth girl” but I do love the outfits and you really can’t go wrong with Exxess.  (Style notes at the end)

Just don’t follow me home
You’re just too perfect for my hands to hold
If you choose to stay, you’ll throw it all away
And I just want to take your innocence
~Halestorm “Innocence”

Each Exxess outfit comes complete with everything shown, except the skin and hair.  So for one very reasonable price, you get the clothing, all the accessories and even shoes/boots to match.

Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you –
50 thousand tears I’ve cried.
Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you –
And you still won’t hear me.
~Evanescence “Going Under”

Each style usually comes in two or three colors to choose from and if you don’t have hair to match, there’s even a hair salon with pieces that complement the design aesthetic of the clothing.

Give me the ring on your finger
Let me see the lines on your hand
I can see me a tall dark stranger
Giving you what you hadn’t planned
I drank the potion she offered me
I found myself on the floor
Then I looked into those big green eyes
And I wondered what I’d come there for
~Cradle of Filth “Devil Woman” cover

All Pictures:
Skin:  Glam Affair;  Mary, Grey
Hair:  Truth;  Tatiana, Ivory
Eyes:  Creature Eyes;  Black Ghost

Picture 1-
Exxess;  Savannah, black

Picture 2-
Exxess;  Tramp, black

Picture 3-
Exxess; Laudanum, black

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