So You Want My Digits?

Strawberry Singh has started a blogger challenge to share information about our avatar’s body shape which sounded like a lot of fun.  Little did I realize it would bring me such an epiphany…I’m heading towards being a meatball (another JerseyShore-ism), at least in shape with a freakishly long torso, short legs and full-on T&A.

See, for my first three years of SL, I was one of those freakishly, slider-maxed amazons.  When I came back after a break, I decided to alter my shape into something more realistic and dropped my height about 40 points.  I wanted curves and to be blessed in the T&A dept.  I’ve been happy with my shape for the past year and though I may change up the face every once in a while, the body has pretty much stayed the same.

The biggest problem I seem to have when playing with myself (my sliders, pervs) is getting the shoulders right.  They either end up looking like a linebacker or a ski slope.  I know a lot of that is also dependent upon the pose I’m in, but it still drives me nuts.

After seeing all the lovely shapes of other participants, I seriously thought about adding some more belly, but tho I love Snooki and Deena’s antics, I sure don’t wanna look like them.

6 Comments to “So You Want My Digits?”

  1. I like you better as a meatball then a glamazon!

  2. I have meatballs on the brain now, making meatball sammiches for dinner.

  3. Its good to see two out of three of my favorite fashionista noobs are still active! Tha Ro wuz here!

  4. Your shoulders look pretty perfect to me, and so does the rest of you! ❤

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