52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Eggplant

subtitled:  The Uninspired Eggplant

Skin:  Curio;  Lustre, Petal, Patina 2
Hair:  Anaphora;  Nikole_Bole (from The Fashion Garrett)
Dress:  League;  Hitch Dress, Purple
Feet:  Slink; Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet
Jewelry:  Miel:  Ahi Necklace

My sis, Bubbles, says I’m an overachiever because I usually have my color challenge picture done by noon the day its announced.  Not this time.

I’m not sure what it was about the egg(plant) and I this week because I normally love purple.  So here I ended up, sprawled on a porch swing in pretty much nothing but a dress feeling unimaginative and uninspired.  No fancy editing, just a few tweaks so I didn’t look like a jigsaw puzzle.  *Sighs*

Edited:  Since I’ve had a couple comments about it, the swing is the Patio Swing from Cool Beans.

5 Comments to “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Eggplant”

  1. hehe … everyone needs a lazy hanging out on a couch (or swing in this case) moment doing nothing now and then 😉
    love that dress btw.

  2. I love that swing. I think its a lovely pic.

  3. Uninspired or not it’s still a lovely pic! Great swing.

  4. I went back and edited the post to include the credits for the swing for everyone. Its the Patio Swing from Cool Beans!


  5. tweaks or no tweaks, this pic is pretty! =)

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