Finally Found…The Riverside

Early last week, I was fumbling through Search in hopes of finding a Live Music event that I could go enjoy while I had some free time.  By some magnificent twist of fate, karma, happy accident or whatever you’d like to call it, I mistakenly selected “nightlife” instead of “live music”.  And so, I finally found…The Riverside and rediscovered my love of the Blues.

I’ve been a fan of all classes of blues music for most of my life, with a preference for the more modern stylings I was introduced to by way of the jukebox at whatever dive bar I was shooting pool at that year.  Stevie Ray Vaughan, Delbert McClinton, George Thorogood…you could usually find any number of those tapes (and later CDs) in my stereo or car.  Gradually, I eased back into the older influences and started rounding out my collection.


Its been my experience in SL that many of the “blues” clubs I’ve visited are just facades used as a hook to draw people in.  The DJs played mostly rock, with a few modern blues artists peppered around to try to give themselves legitimacy.  So my experience with the so-called blues clubs in SL has been disappointing to say the least.  Until I found The Riverside.


I spent quite a few hours each day dropping by and found that the staff of DJs is vast, each with their own distinctive style of blues offerings AND knowledgeable about the genre, its artists and history.  On the rare occasions an out-of-genre song was played, it was accompanied by an explanation of the classic blues influences upon the singer/songwriter.  Entertaining AND Educational!  The staff of hosts is attentive, the regular clientele is friendly and overall, its a very welcoming atmosphere.  There is also a blog that lists the daily DJ/Host schedule, upcoming special events, blues history, and even recipes!

Riverside Blues Society

If that wasn’t enough, there are some superb shopping opportunities and The Delta sim is beautifully designed and decorated.  I took a quick peek around and found so many perfect spots for taking photos at the river (complete with barge!), the covered bridge, barn, church and even snapped a few pics myself.  There’s even horse-drawn carriage rides for those romantically-inclined couples to enjoy.

The entire sim has so much to offer, but if you’re a blues fan, you’ll definitely want to check out the club (events are listed in Search).  Hope to see you there!

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