Lovin’ That Crack

I’m always on the lookout for cute, inexpensive furniture-type items that have poses built-in that I can use for pictures.  On Saturday, I was curious when I was browsing the Taste of SL list on one of my favorite websites, The Rumor, and found this lime and purple set featured from Crackberry.  I was intrigued by the color combination, so I tp’d over to see it and I must admit, I was really pleasantly surprised.  Not only by this set on its own, but by all the furniture.


There are only a few of the items from the whole set shown in the picture above, simply because I didn’t have time to rez and position them all.  There’s also a love seat and chair, as well as wall pieces and plants.  The textures on the pieces are really well done and all the totally cute tchotchkies on the bookshelf come with it!  The Taste of SL special price may be expired (not sure) but the set is definitely worth paying full price (I would) and I plan to go back to Crackberry and buy additional sets.  I only wish the selection wasn’t as limited so I don’t run out of pieces to buy!



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