Like, Totally!

The best thing about being back in SL is spending time with my friends.  The second best is shopping.  And when you combine the two…look out, like last night for example.

It started innocently enough hanging out with The Ro and catching up.  Bubs soon joined us and that’s when things got out of control.  SL in its usual fashion was being naughty and tho Bubs could see she had on shorts, no one else could.  The Great Cooch-a-Thon of 2011 followed and The Ro was proclaimed honorary Guardian of the Cooch (Yes, I have pics, so it did happen.  On sale now for 65K each).  I so love my friends and really missed evenings like this while I was gone.

Fai joined us later and we went to Emery.  I can’t believe I’d never heard of it!!!  The 80’s were my prime time in high school and college and these clothes brought back such great memories from those days.  Bright colors, long belted t-shirts and Dynasty sky-high shoulder pads *sighs blissfully*.  I was in shopping nirvana.

Skin- Laqroki; Phoebe2, [Fair] 08
Lashes- Miamai; XGen Makeup, Basic Lashes C Black
Hair- Elika; Hye, Blonde 07 (from FFL Collection)
Jacket- Emery; Sheena, Blue
Bra- Emery; Bra Full Busted, Fucsia
Pants- Emery; Pant 442, Fucsia
Shoes- Pixel Mode; Baby T’s, Berry
Tattoo- addiXion; Kanji/Ecstasy, low tan

3 Comments to “Like, Totally!”

  1. I was Coochiful deng it! And who made Ro the protector?? I should be hiding from him more like it! That boy loves Cooch!

  2. The Ro doesn’t recall any such interaction.

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