No Pressure…Really

A blank white page.  The cursor blinking impatiently, waiting …blink…blink…blink.  Its like standing at the edge of a cliff looking out into a vast horizon of possibilities.  So this is me, closing my eyes and just flinging myself out into the blogverse once again.

What’s it all about?  I’m glad you asked.  Its about returning to a virtual world known as Second Life and my experiences of places, music, shopping, and friends.   Its about satisfying my Photoshop obsession and furthering my education of editing techniques.  Its about everything and it may be about nothing at all.  Its a place where I’mma be me and if you’re along for the ride, it might be about you too.

I’ve been spending the last few days back buying a new plot of land and building myself a new skybox/studio.  I went completely opposite of my usual style of bright jewel tones and decorated in some soft pastels.  Is this the beginning of a kinder, gentler Kai?  *snorts* Get real, its just a reflection of how I feel at this point in my life.  At peace.  Calm in my mind and soul.  I’m liking where I’m at now.

While I was away from SL the past few months, I’ve been following my sistah’s blog, Super Gangster, and watching Bubbles have so much fun putting together looks for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.  I wanna play too!  So this week’s color is Umber.  Umberrrrrrr.  Hmm, my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the brown shades, but I was able to pull one off and get a picture taken early this morning.  If I’d had my necessary pot of coffee, I might have remembered to grab the SLURL for this sim.

I completely forgot to record styling notes.  Maybe I’ll remember next time.


6 Comments to “No Pressure…Really”

  1. I had that white screen of ‘hell, what do I do next?” as well! Your look is wonderful.

  2. Welcome back to SL! Love your post, and Bubbles to, she is a doll. =)
    Gotta admit, Great minds MUST think alike. Ive got the same shirt and belt on to. Fantastic Pic. See ya next week for “sky blue.”

  3. Great look! I love the backdrop 🙂

    • Thanks, I took that at a Japanese sim. The walls were transparent and the mountain background (Mt. Fuji?) showed through. I really wish I could remember what sim I was at.

  4. Welcome to the Challenge and back to SL! 🙂 Cute look!

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